Case Study


Case Study

Everyone knows Land O’Lakes for its butter, but as one of the largest agriculture cooperatives in the U.S., the company wanted to tell a bigger story to shareholders, employees, and the world.

The brief:

  • Create a series of brand anthem videos
  • Highlight the company’s roots, culture and values
  • Speak equally to company insiders and the wider world


To tell the best story possible, we embedded ourselves within the company, learning the culture and inner workings of a passionate group of dedicated professionals. We worked closely with the Land O’Lakes communications team to generate storylines and a production workflow that would successfully capture the magic behind a 100-year-old cooperative with thousands of employees and producers.


Land O-Lakes told us that the series exceeded their expectations, providing them with rich content worthy of their iconic brand and telling a story that would help them expand their business with new shareholders and members.