Case Study

Mancini's Sleepworld

Case Study

This broadcast campaign for Mancini’s performed a clever balancing act—combining warm and engaging story-telling with the direct promotion of sales, products and store openings.

The brief:

  • Engage viewers with memorable stories and characters
  • Speak to Mancini’s diverse customer base
  • Include time for promotional messaging


To meet the contrasting needs of the brief, the 30 second TV spots gave equal time to storytelling and sales messaging. Each one featured customer-inspired characters, from college grads to older couples, sharing lively stories about their mattress-buying experiences. We also filmed longer digital pieces with the same characters—these were filmed documentary-style on set and had a spontaneous, behind-the-scenes feel to them.


Mattress Stories was the most holistic campaign Mancini’s had ever run. They loved that each character and their specific marketing message carried seamlessly from TV to digital to their website, allowing them to be highly strategic about targeting customers.