Case Study


Case Study

As the go-to creative and production arm for Sony Mobile’s product launches, we were excited to showcase their audio-based digital assistant, the Experia Ear.

The brief:

  • Make the product approachable
  • Use story and humor
  • Give it a unique look


The big idea in this video was to feature JJ, one of Sony’s engineers, instead of a professional actor. JJ’s knowledge and natural enthusiasm for the product gave the video an insider feel, while her quirky charisma peppered it with charm and humor. Shooting against a simple white background in close-ups and mediums let us easily cut together her best takes, while giving the video a clean, distinctive look.


JJ’s presence was exactly what Sony was looking for—the human element that’s often missing in high-tech roll-outs. It was especially effective for introducing a digital tool with a speech-recognition interface.